Even if you are new to Arthur Murray, you know we like to party. Each spring we amp up the party during an Arthur Murray worldwide bonanza called International Dance Festival.

International Dance Festival is an international competition between all 280+ studios. The objective is to increase student involvement in the studio; what better way than to throw theme parties and special classes?! As a student, you earn points for your studio with everything you do, such as: sponsoring your teacher, taking a lesson, attending a group class or party, having a coaching lesson – or sharing this blog.

But, hopefully, you’re already doing most of that regularly. To make it more enticing, each week is themed and ends in a finale Practice Party. We transform the studio into a tropical getaway, or a magical castle, or a wild west saloon – and then the fun begins. There is still general dancing and spotlights, but we add a special dance activity – like Tetris Merengue or Tango Battleships. And did we mention food?!

International Dance Festival involves you – the student – sponsoring your favorite teacher. You might have seen names on park benches or on the backs of chairs at the theater. Those patrons want it publicly known they support that particular project or art. Much in the same way, sponsorship is public acknowledgement of how much you appreciate and support your teacher – you just aren’t able to permanently stamp your name on them.

Sponsorship is the first step to earning festival points for yourself. If parties and food weren’t enough, we add in free stuff. Sponsoring enrolls you in a grand prize give away as well as special access to festival group classes and discounts. The more you immerse yourself in the studio, the more points you earn, the closer you get to winning!

Your teachers always have your best interest at heart. Don’t be surprised when they ask you to be a part of this year’s International Dance Festival by sponsoring them, doing a spotlight, or dressing crazy. Or – even better – sponsor them before they ask. It’ll make their day.