We’ve all felt like this sometimes.

So you decided you want to dance at Arthur Murray! Whether you’re preparing for an event, want a new date night idea with your partner, are interested in exercising in a fun way, or just want to pick up an old (or new!) hobby, there’s a million and one reasons people begin dance lessons, and we’re so glad you’ve decided to start with us.

You’ve called and spoken to our New Student Director, and have your complimentary first lesson scheduled… But now what?

It might be exciting or nerve-wracking to take that first step, but there’s nothing scary about a first dance lesson. Trust us, we’re twice as excited as you are to meet you and get you out on the dance floor.

When you first arrive at the studio, you’ll be greeted warmly by any number of our staff, and made to feel welcome. You’ll be asked to fill out a short form – less than half a page, and super quick, we promise – just so we have some contact and background information, such as dances you’re interested in, what level of experience you believe you have, and any events you could be preparing for. It’s just a way for your teaching team to best prepare for exactly what you’d like.

Anyone can be taught to dance!

The New Student Director will introduce themselves and chat with you a bit about the unique three-part system of teaching at Arthur Murray, and introduce you to your dance specialist. We have a talented team that include specialists for any kind of dance goal – whether you’re looking for that special first dance, want to learn all the hottest moves, or are most interested in spending some time with your partner.

During the lesson itself, you’ll learn the basic dance step to fast, medium, and slow music. If you are looking for something specific, we will certainly take you through the basic then, but come with an open mind!

After you’ve danced, your specialist will make a recommendation about you dancing to the New Student Director so you can continue dancing the night away. Arthur Murray prides itself on transparency, and we can work with any kind of budget or schedule to figure out a dance plan that works best for you.