Keenan and Laura Smout are the newest members of Team Arthur Murray Kartashov, and we’re incredibly excited to have them join us! They will become instructors at our Arthur Murray Hillsborough location when it opens this spring. Until then, we’ll have them in our Cranford studio to allow everyone to meet them and work with them.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

Keenan grew up in American Fork, Utah, the third of four children — all sisters. He played piano and soccer before dancing took over his life at age 10. After high school, he received a scholarship for dance from Brigham Young University. Since graduating, he and Laura have taught at various independent studios, as well as competed on a professional level.

Laura grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with two brothers and a sister — quadruplets. She grew up with music in her life. She played piano and flute throughout her childhood, and began ballroom dancing in high school. She also attended Brigham Young University, where she and Keenan met in a dance technique class.

Despite being on the same ballroom dance team, Keenan and Laura only occasionally danced together. They first danced together as partners at a homecoming parade for their university. Now officially long-term partners, they have been dancing together for five years now and have been married for four. Together, they have won dance competition titles across the country.

Outside of dancing, Laura enjoys working out and the outdoors. She’s eager to travel more, especially internationally. Keenan, once a mechanic, still maintains an interest in motorcycles and cars. He also enjoys playing video games in his downtime.

Together, the couple hopes to continue gaining certifications, as well as to one day own a ballroom dance studio of their own. Both Keenan and Laura want to give back as they progress — to help share their love of dance with both students and other staff members, and are excited to join Team AMK.