How To Walk Correctly In Dancing

There is never any reason to fear that you and your partner may falter or stumble at the beginning of a dance. Simply remember that a man always starts with his left foot… the girl, facing him, starts with her right foot.

Most men start each dance by walking forward, left foot first. So girls can be prepared and ready to walk backward, right foot first.

When You Dance:

  • Lift your feet slightly off the floor in all walking steps. Never let them scrape or drag on the floor.
  • When you walk backward, never let your heels touch the floor at all. When you walk forward, your heels may touch—but only after your toes have touched the floor first.
  • While you are learning, practice by walking only on the ball of the foot. You must emphasize this at the start… then, when you become proficient, your natural walking steps will be graceful, light, and comfortable.
  • Emphasize and exaggerate only during your practice. When dancing with a partner, walk naturally without conscious strain or effort.
  • To give spring to your walking steps, practice rising up and down on your toes while taking long, slow walking steps around the room.