Arthur Murray Cranford and Hillsborough celebrated following the final curtain for their annual fundraiser showcase on August 12. This year, owners Danila and Nuria Kartashov supported the Sunshine Kids. The non-profit organization helps children with cancer by providing positive group activities and emotional support.

Arthur Murray instructors from Cranford and Hillsborough express themselves before the show starts.

Most students spend months preparing routines. Diane, a newer student at Cranford, said the show exceeded her expectations. “It was far superior than what I had envisioned. So professional. No detail, from costuming, lights, and jewelry was left out.” She felt proud to be a part of the Arthur Murray family’s gesture to help the cause.

Arthur’s Kids strike a pose before their debut performance.

Jerry, a student at Cranford, says theatre night is unlike any other event. “You will never be so alone, but you will never feel as validated – and thankful – as you do when it’s over.” This was Jerry’s fourth year supporting the theatre event.

Among the performers was the Arthur Murray Kid’s formation. In their debut showcase, children from four to six years old took the stage with their team of instructors. Learning to dance doesn’t just teach you how to dance. It requires focus, dedication and helps with social skills. For the Kartashov owners, ballroom dance is the perfect mixing ground for kids to experience it all.


This year’s themed “Around the World”  show featured 54 different students from the Arthur Murray family showcasing dances from different countries. The hour and half show started in North America, with the USA and Mexico before hopping the ocean to Asia.  There was everything from the traditional flavor of Japan to the current pop sensations of South Korea – and a strong Bollywood flavor. After brief visits to Australia and Africa, the show went into intermission.

Arthur Murray staff and students celebrate!

Before the second act started, Steve Janett – speaker for the Sunshine Kids Foundation – thanked all of the Arthur Murray family and viewers for their support. Aisha Guadalupe joined him onstage to speak first hand of the support the Sunshine Kids afforded her while she battled cancer.

The curtains lifted once again, this time in the cold and grandeur of Russia. Several group numbers kicked off the second act, including an adult  formation and some dancing penguins. Next up was South America – everyone wanted to move their hips whether in Colombia, Brazil or Costa Rica. The show finished in Europe as the entire cast came on stage for a final bow before the curtain closed.