One characteristic that is admired in American girls is their height and fine bearing. Whereas most short girls yearn to be taller—few tall girls would trade places with them. Tall girls should be proud of their size… they should remember that models, who are selected for beauty of appearance, are always well above average height.

However, short men do avoid dancing with girls who tower above them. They are afraid of looking insignificant and comic—even when they secretly admire the girl’s appearance.

Tall girls can be smart—they can seem shorter to partners whenever they choose. Here are two pointers that work:

  • Keep your elbows low when you dance. You will appear shorter because your partners will not have to reach upward for dancing position. But, practice this with your girl friends first so you can avoid resting your arms heavily on your partner.
  • Without changing your natural standing posture in any way, let your knees bend slightly. This will reduce your height by several inches. Practice in private!

Perhaps you will feel that these suggestions do not enhance your appearance. But, if I were a lass, and had to choose between pleasing my partner or the onlookers, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. I’d forget my appearance, if need be, and stand so that my partner would feel comfortable and would want to dance with me again.

Bent knees, by the way, will not show with long skirts.

Dangers For Tall Ladies To Avoid

Tall ladies should never try to appear smaller by leaning forward. This will make you difficult to lead, whether your partner is tall or short. Your hips and feet will be too far apart from your partner’s and you will not only look, but feel awkward in all steps. It is an impossible position in which to follow turning steps.

Do not take short steps. No matter how tall you are, you can never take too long a step… don’t worry—your partner’s right hand will act as a safety break.

Be proud of your height—and carry it proudly!