Team Teaching – regardless of whether you’ve been a student for awhile or are brand new to Arthur Murray, team teaching is vital for your dance growth.

But what is that, you may be asking.

Think of it as co-teaching in school: for a set time period, you are going to learn from someone else! Your faculty has two parts, your lead teachers and in-class support. We use the same kind of system here for your dance education. Your lead teacher is in charge of planning your lessons every time you come into the studio, and your in-class support carries out the lesson plan, but with their own teaching style.

So team teaching simply means taking a lesson with a teacher you usually don’t have. You could think of it like a substitute teacher, except instead of watching movies for class, you’re actually learning. Novel, right?

We use team teaching – which means that starting at the beginning of your dance education, we build your team. There are always at least three people here for you: your head teacher, their buddy teacher (or teachers!), and the counselor or supervisor.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

An exchange lesson offers you a fresh eye to benefit from, and perhaps a different way of sharing knowledge to boot. They’ll have a different pool of experience to draw from than your usual teachers. You’ve probably (or should!) taken group classes from most of our instructors, so you know that teaching styles can vary person to person. This gives you a well-rounded dance education; more instructors means faster development in all areas of your dancing.

Your lead teacher will have already shared their lesson plans with your other teacher, so there’s no need to worry about the content you’ll be learning – you’ll stay right on track with your dance journey no matter what you’ve been working on. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend some time with any of our accomplished staff members, and can give you the learning boost you didn’t know you’ve been craving.

Exchange lessons can be with male or female instructors, as both benefit you – maybe it’s for styling, or posture, or the finer details of technique. All of our staff members are trained in every style of dance, but everyone has strengths, so you take advantage of any kind of specialty to progress your learning. You don’t have to wait for your instructor to recommend this, ask them today about taking lessons with other members of your Arthur Murray team!