What Happens If I Have To Cancel?

Sometimes, despite your instructor’s best efforts to accommodate any schedule, life will get in the way. And that’s okay.

So what do you do when life happens?

First, please call the studio and let your instructor know what is going on – whether you need to reschedule or are just running late. Think of the last time you had a salon or doctor’s appointment. Sometimes, they require some form of deposit to hold the time slot for you. In the event you had to cancel, you wouldn’t just skip your appointment, and lose your deposit, you would call and reschedule. You reserved someone’s time and they are expecting you. Arthur Murray operates in the same way. Not showing up to a lesson runs the risk of the lesson being charged to your account. So, please, call!

Expect genuine concern when you do call. Your team cares about your dance education and wants to make sure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to dance. Expect your teacher to reschedule you for a later time that day or week if necessary.

We’re serious about your dancing. Some things in life are out of your control, and we know that. For those that you can control, please be mindful if you have already made an appointment to dance with your instructor. If you have to cancel last minute, you will be rescheduled for the soonest next available time. If you are unable to reschedule within the week for non-emergency cancellations, the studio may exercise the 24 hour notice cancellation policy.

But what if I think I’ve injured myself?

The great thing about social dancing is that not all lessons require intense movement. Your instructor can modify your lesson plan to fit any malady, from a cold to a broken limb. Sometimes, coming to dance is actually better medicine than sitting around and nursing a strained muscle. Of course, we will never do anything to further your injury. If you feel like you have truly hurt yourself, make sure you see a doctor, and let us know.

It matters more to us that you come and take your lessons. As much as we want you to be able to dance every day, we recognize you have a life outside of Arthur Murray. Barring a cataclysmic end, call the studio and let them know what is going on so they can keep you on track and keep dancing!

How It Works: Coaching Lessons

We just ran a blog recently about the importance of team teaching and exchange lessons, and this week’s blog can seem repetitive if you don’t understand what exactly a guest coaching lesson is, or what it offers you as a student. Rest assured, there is a difference!

Think of a coaching as hiring a certified consultant to give you advice, like on your taxes. As an expert in their field, a CPA provides you with the best way to get the most money back. Traveling dance consultants work in a similar way. They are the leading experts in dance – drawing on years of previous experience. They certify through dance exams similar to what you do as a medalist student – only slightly more intense.

Typically, while you work one-on-one with your instructor, they are both your teacher and dance partner. When you’re on a coaching lesson, you can focus your attention on the information being given while your instructor dances with you. If you are a couple, your instructor will still be present on your lesson – so don’t worry if you miss something. They will take notes and follow up when ready.

Arthur Murray traveling coaches are not just fountains of dance knowledge. They can also help you unlock hidden dance personality. Even the best technicians will often say they don’t feel the dance. Because coaches only see a snapshot of your dancing, they can pinpoint the thing you are missing to release the dancer from the shell. They give you permission to move and feel.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

A full coaching lesson may seem daunting – even overwhelming at first. That’s okay – and normal! The coach will give you information kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some of it, you will know – GREAT! Some will feel just right. And some will make your brain explode. Over the next few months, your instructor will parse the same information out to you so you can turn the coaching lesson material into muscle memory.

We have Traveling Consultants who visit the studio every couple of months, but you don’t have to wait, you can take coaching lessons with any of our instructors at any time, no special date required.

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Lessons

Your personal lessons are the backbone of your dance education. They’re the part that are totally tailored to you and your dancing. You’ll want to maximize their impact, so we’ve put together some helpful tips & tricks for you below for just how you can get the most out of your personal lessons.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

  • Arrive early. Getting here early ensures you have plenty of time to change your shoes and grab a drink for your lesson. You could even grab your book and glance over your instructor’s lesson plan so you know what’s in store for you that day.
  • Warm up before your lesson. “But we warm up as part of the lesson!” you exclaim. This is true, and warming up on your own won’t make that disappear. Warming up before your lesson helps you clear your mind and focus on basic movement exercises.
  • Warm up on your lesson. No, this isn’t a redundancy – you’ll definitely still do a dance or two with your instructor to get you in the groove. Warming up with your instructor focuses on connection and technique under a careful eye.
  • Be present in the moment. Listen, absorb, and execute! It’s your lesson and your time, so become a sponge. Listen attentively to your instructor, commit their teaching to memory, and do your best to do as instructed at once while it’s still fresh in your mind.
  • Move. Even if it’s a new concept or idea, you must make your body do it. You’re building muscle memory, which is vital for your learning. You won’t learn anything immediately, but you also know the saying – nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Find something you improved on – and be proud of it! Your instructor will always tell you what they notice; any compliments you receive are genuine. Be proud of your progress. You’ve earned it!

It Takes A Village… (To Raise A Dancer)

Team Teaching – regardless of whether you’ve been a student for awhile or are brand new to Arthur Murray, team teaching is vital for your dance growth.

But what is that, you may be asking.

Think of it as co-teaching in school: for a set time period, you are going to learn from someone else! Your faculty has two parts, your lead teachers and in-class support. We use the same kind of system here for your dance education. Your lead teacher is in charge of planning your lessons every time you come into the studio, and your in-class support carries out the lesson plan, but with their own teaching style.

So team teaching simply means taking a lesson with a teacher you usually don’t have. You could think of it like a substitute teacher, except instead of watching movies for class, you’re actually learning. Novel, right?

We use team teaching – which means that starting at the beginning of your dance education, we build your team. There are always at least three people here for you: your head teacher, their buddy teacher (or teachers!), and the counselor or supervisor.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

An exchange lesson offers you a fresh eye to benefit from, and perhaps a different way of sharing knowledge to boot. They’ll have a different pool of experience to draw from than your usual teachers. You’ve probably (or should!) taken group classes from most of our instructors, so you know that teaching styles can vary person to person. This gives you a well-rounded dance education; more instructors means faster development in all areas of your dancing.

Your lead teacher will have already shared their lesson plans with your other teacher, so there’s no need to worry about the content you’ll be learning – you’ll stay right on track with your dance journey no matter what you’ve been working on. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend some time with any of our accomplished staff members, and can give you the learning boost you didn’t know you’ve been craving.

Exchange lessons can be with male or female instructors, as both benefit you – maybe it’s for styling, or posture, or the finer details of technique. All of our staff members are trained in every style of dance, but everyone has strengths, so you take advantage of any kind of specialty to progress your learning. You don’t have to wait for your instructor to recommend this, ask them today about taking lessons with other members of your Arthur Murray team!