Your personal lessons are the backbone of your dance education. They’re the part that are totally tailored to you and your dancing. You’ll want to maximize their impact, so we’ve put together some helpful tips & tricks for you below for just how you can get the most out of your personal lessons.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

  • Arrive early. Getting here early ensures you have plenty of time to change your shoes and grab a drink for your lesson. You could even grab your book and glance over your instructor’s lesson plan so you know what’s in store for you that day.
  • Warm up before your lesson. “But we warm up as part of the lesson!” you exclaim. This is true, and warming up on your own won’t make that disappear. Warming up before your lesson helps you clear your mind and focus on basic movement exercises.
  • Warm up on your lesson. No, this isn’t a redundancy – you’ll definitely still do a dance or two with your instructor to get you in the groove. Warming up with your instructor focuses on connection and technique under a careful eye.
  • Be present in the moment. Listen, absorb, and execute! It’s your lesson and your time, so become a sponge. Listen attentively to your instructor, commit their teaching to memory, and do your best to do as instructed at once while it’s still fresh in your mind.
  • Move. Even if it’s a new concept or idea, you must make your body do it. You’re building muscle memory, which is vital for your learning. You won’t learn anything immediately, but you also know the saying – nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Find something you improved on – and be proud of it! Your instructor will always tell you what they notice; any compliments you receive are genuine. Be proud of your progress. You’ve earned it!