Congratulations! You’ve just started your dance adventure by becoming a Bronze 1 student. We want to celebrate with a Newsome Twosome.

Every new student who joins Arthur Murray Cranford has the privilege of dancing in a Newsome Twosome on the last Monday of every month during the practice party. Those dancing have all just begun their dance adventure  and often have no more than ten lessons under their belt.

You will not be on the floor alone (yet!), but will be joined by your instructors and fellow new students for a full minute of dancing. As most students start with three of the most popular dances, you will either dance a foxtrot, rumba or club swing. Your instructor will tell you what dance is happening that evening so you can feel prepared.

This is an opportunity for you to start to meet your local Arthur Murray studio family. Some of them you might have already met during a group class, or by gently bumping into them during your lesson. You don’t know them all yet, but they are all proud of you. They have been in where your feet are – quite literally  – and want to support you. So they are going to cheer loudly for you while you dance.

We celebrate your decision to dance because we understand it might not have been the easiest decision. Perhaps you never had the opportunity to learn before and finally said NOW is the time to try it. Or you are getting ready for your wedding day. Or you are looking for something fun to do with your partner. Or you just want to get out and let loose. Whatever your personal reason, you chose to trust us and continue your dancing. We couldn’t be happier for you, so we celebrate the only way we know how – we dance!