Why You Should Learn Waltz


  1. Classic — It is the most classical of dances. Chances are, when you think of Ballroom dancing, you think of the formal balls of period pieces or Disney films. It remains one of the most recognizable, and influential, dances. 
  2. Balance & Control — It helps you develop both balance and control. Waltz helps strengthen both your ankle and leg muscles, leading you to become a better dancer all around.
  3. Floor Craft — You will learn how to properly navigate a floor. You’ll learn how to use turning figures both left and right, as well as how to arrest momentum. No one likes to purposefully crash into a couple on the dance floor.
  4. Posture — Waltz will help you improve your posture, or maintain a good posture. You’ll develop relaxed shoulders, and flowing, easy movements, which lead to a super confident, graceful look.
  5. Synchronized Movement — It helps you learn about proper weight change, too. Waltz allows the leader to always move on the correct foot, so they always sync up with their follower. It teaches both dancers how to change their weight together.
  6. Rise & Fall — Learning how to Waltz will, as funny as it sounds, teach you how to make it look like a Waltz. This includes the characteristic rise and fall action, which is vital, and will go miles in helping you to look like the elegant dancer you’re aiming for. Fun fact: Watch Waltz from a high vantage point some day — it’ll look like the floor is going up and down.
  7. Romance — As touched upon above, Waltz is the epitome of graceful, flowing dance, so in learning it, you’ll be all about the romance of the dance! It lends itself easily to that fairytale-esque (yes, even Disney!) feeling.
  8. Expression — Waltz creates a completely different emotional feel on the dance floor. Sometimes you will feel the sorrow of a love lost, or the enraptured joy of basking in the sun. You’ll learn how to express yourself through movements, and it can help get you out of that comfort zone to expand your horizons.