Why You Should Learn Tango


  1. Stand Out — Distinctive music, combined with special footwork, makes any dancer stand out on the floor. Staccato footwork along with fluid body movements makes for a powerful dance, and a powerful, confident statement on the dance floor. Even if you are not looking to be noticed, everyone can appreciate good posture.
  2. Musicality — Learning Tango can help you learn about musical phrasing. Have you ever watched a Tango and wondered how they appear to be hitting the accents in the music without knowing the song? Tango trains the ear to understand how music works so you can effortlessly start matching the moves to the music. It will look spontaneous.
  3. Leader’s Role — The Tango is the leader’s dance — leaders develop their leading through their whole body. The dance is structured around a strong, confident lead, so leaders learn exactly how to emulate that.
  4. Follower’s Role — The follower takes on a very responsive position. They learn how to prepare themselves for the leader’s movement while maintaining the iconic Tango leg lines.
  5. Footwork — Tango is all about the fancy footwork! Swivels, fans, gauchos, cortes, Tango really has it all. It is the ultimate way to add drama to your dancing. Pro tip: Variety is the spice of life! Once you understand how they work, try them out in other dances, such as Rumba, Waltz, or Salsa!
  6. Connection — You’ll get to hold her close. Tango has a more compact hold, so that means romance, sexiness, and closeness. You won’t be stepping on any toes, since you will be solidly connected through your frame.
  7. Promenade — Tango will teach you a lot about promenades. (They’re not just about holding the rose in your mouth!) Promenades effectively teach you how to move from open to closed position, and back again.
  8. Again — DRAMA! Tango is not just about the big movements, but also about the subtlety of small movements. It is knowing when to do something grand, or when to keep it intimate with your partner.