Want to play a new game on “How To Judge Character”? Just watch ‘em dance—they give themselves away. Here are some clues to get you started…

There are those who love themselves—can you spot them? They point their toes too gracefully and meticulously, stepping very carefully indeed. And why shouldn’t they take good care of the ten little tootsies that are theirs!

The “cuddly couples” are fun to watch—unless you’re related to them! Dance floor petters never outgrow the urge. You can put bells on their toes and wedding rings on their fingers—they’ll still cuddle!

Here’s one of the masculine gender only. He meanders around the floor, pushing his partner into everything that comes his way. He’s inconsiderate and thoughtless. Marry his type and life will be one traffic jam after another—with you as the bumper!

Then there are the “casual” ones. The girl, with sloppy “I-don’t-care” posture and the man, jus’ shufflin’ along. She’s probably a job-drifter hoping for the divine job with hours from 12 to 1… and with an hour off for lunch. When she marries, she’ll be a handy gal with a can opener. And her limping hazard? The world owes him a living—you might as well deliver it right to his door. Oh—and on the way in—please pick up the socks he dropped the night before.

Know the brand marks of jealousy? The possessive man cups his hand tightly on his partner’s back. His posture is crouching, as though ready for a springing pounce. If your heart belongs to that Daddy, then throw in your body and soul, too. He’s a mine-all-mine lad… Now the trouble with a jealous gal is that her little ways are so fetching—at first. She clings to her partner’s arm like glue, looks up in his eyes with an “Aren’t you wonderful” effect and is so attentive that she goes to his head. But, her husband will have a male secretary if she has anything to say!

Don’t look too hard for the timid souls—they’ll sink to the floor if you stare at them. The masculine variety has low slung elbows, an apologetic manner, and a hang-dog expression. He takes faltering steps and barely touches his partner. He’s hard to follow because he’s too shy to lead… The girls of this type take uncertain steps, droop their arms and get an until-death-do-us-part grip on their partner’s left thumb. (Are you a timid soul?)

Beware of the bully—you can spot him on sight. He swings his partner around fast and furiously, with complete disregard for her clothes, hair, and general well-being. He turns his toes outward, showing that he his vain as well as self-indulgent. Thumbs down on him if that’s how he dances!

The show-off can’t be so bad—his mother loves him! But, look out when he holds his elbows high… he shows arrogance and vanity. Besides, he may knock your eye out!

It takes all kinds to make a world—and you’ll find one of each on every dance floor. Watch their steps!