We just ran a blog recently about the importance of team teaching and exchange lessons, and this week’s blog can seem repetitive if you don’t understand what exactly a guest coaching lesson is, or what it offers you as a student. Rest assured, there is a difference!

Think of a coaching as hiring a certified consultant to give you advice, like on your taxes. As an expert in their field, a CPA provides you with the best way to get the most money back. Traveling dance consultants work in a similar way. They are the leading experts in dance – drawing on years of previous experience. They certify through dance exams similar to what you do as a medalist student – only slightly more intense.

Typically, while you work one-on-one with your instructor, they are both your teacher and dance partner. When you’re on a coaching lesson, you can focus your attention on the information being given while your instructor dances with you. If you are a couple, your instructor will still be present on your lesson – so don’t worry if you miss something. They will take notes and follow up when ready.

Arthur Murray traveling coaches are not just fountains of dance knowledge. They can also help you unlock hidden dance personality. Even the best technicians will often say they don’t feel the dance. Because coaches only see a snapshot of your dancing, they can pinpoint the thing you are missing to release the dancer from the shell. They give you permission to move and feel.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

A full coaching lesson may seem daunting – even overwhelming at first. That’s okay – and normal! The coach will give you information kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some of it, you will know – GREAT! Some will feel just right. And some will make your brain explode. Over the next few months, your instructor will parse the same information out to you so you can turn the coaching lesson material into muscle memory.

We have Traveling Consultants who visit the studio every couple of months, but you don’t have to wait, you can take coaching lessons with any of our instructors at any time, no special date required.