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Exercise 3

If you find it difficult to keep your balance during this exercise, don’t be discouraged—it merely proves that you need the practice. It will come easily after a few tries.

This is glamour training—it will develop supple muscles in your diaphragm and waistline.

Stand with your heels together, and your hands held loosely at your sides.

Step sideways on your right foot to the right, and draw your left foot behind the right. At the same time, bring your arms and hands up over your head. Sway to the right.

Then step with your left foot to the left and bring your right foot up to and in back of your left. Sway to the left.

It is helpful to practice this to slow Waltz music, using three counts for each swaying movement. 1, 2, 3 to the right; 4, 5, 6 to the left.

Exercise 4

When you first try this exercise, you may feel insecure. If so, lean on the top of your dresser or on the back of a chair until you can hold your balance.

This movement will train you to hold your head up high and it will gracefully arch your back. A stiff, unyielding back makes a girl feel wooden to her partner.

Begin by standing erect, with your hands at your sides and your heels together. Then swing into the following figure-skater-like position: one leg extended backward, toes pointed, and both arms held out straight behind you. Your head should be tilted back to elongate your neck.

Repeat, swinging back on the other foot.

This can be practice to slow Waltz music or by counting 1, 2, 3. Don’t bring your feet together again until after the third beat.

Note that the toes of the back-swinging foot are leading—and pointed outward.

Caution: Do not repeat these exercises too often the first time—or you will regret it the next day!

Exercise 5

If you can do this exercise correctly, with your body erect, you will develop a good sense of equilibrium. Practice it until you are well satisfied with your appearance in your mirror.

Simply extend one foot to the side and raise it as high as possible. Note that—again—your toes should lead.

Practice this ten times with one foot and then repeat to the other side.

When you have mastered this, with good balance and keeping your body erect, then rise on the toes of the foot carrying the weight.

Count: 1, 2, 3, 4. Raise foot 1, 2. Lower foot 3, 4. Try it to slow Foxtrot music.

This exercise will not only train you in balancing, but it will enable you to follow any quick side step that a partner may take.