Arthur Murray Dance Center of CranfordI wake up at 7:00 and get ready for the gym, and I work out for an hour from 7:30 to 8:30. Working out is one of my favorite times! I love working out! Keenan tags along and usually does his own work out. But it has made such a difference because we challenge each other, but also encourage and support each other too!

At 8:30 I get ready for the day and by 9:00 I go make breakfast. I eat a balanced meal of 3 eggs and oatmeal. From this meal I get protein and healthy starch that jumpstarts my metabolism and gives me energy that I’ll need for the day.

At 9:30 for an hour I meal prep for the day and some for the week! I make chicken, rice, and asparagus. I like this meal setup because you have an important lean meat that fills you up, but gives me energy and is healthy.

Even though we are married, there are certain times or activities we do separately. We each have our own routine and need time apart. By having time apart we then treasure the time we are together even more.

Keenan and I start practice together at 11:00. Practicing can be exciting. Practicing can be frustrating. We are a couple. But regardless how practice is going, we practice because we love dancing and always want to be better. We have our own routine of warming up and at the beginning of practice we dance by ourselves. Once getting together we work on our routines. It truly is such a joy being able to have my partner be my best friend. And as a couple we are able to share this together, every day! Which is even better!!

The rest of the day is spent teaching, meetings, and dance sessions. This whole time Keenan and I have our own schedules. This is great because being separated allows us to focus on what we are both doing at work. Teaching lessons are so much fun and one of the best parts of my day. It is so fulfilling being able to share with others how dance can change one’s life.

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  • James Ford says:

    Hi Laura,
    We miss you guys but hope all is going well. Glad to see you start your day early, mine starts at 6.

    See y’all soon