Around 7:30am, I wake up. At 8, I have breakfast – usually Raisin Bran Crunch and 2 scrambled eggs, and I eat on the coach while surfing Netflix. No rush to the day yet.

At 9, I workout. This is usually 20 – 30 minutes of cardio, followed by weights. Afterward is a shower and then actually getting ready for the day. I prepare a quick lunch before, usually a protein or green smoothie to have at the studio later.

At 11, I leave for the studio, and get there at 11:30. First up is practice time with Val. Whether it is open competitive routines or basic things, it’s the best way to get my mind ready for a day of teaching.

At 12:30, I finalize my lesson plans, and finally drink my smoothie for a mini lunch.

At 1:15, the work day begins officially. This means I teach lessons, study for certifications, have coachings, or do other things needed in the studio. This continues until 5, when we have dinner. Usually I have grilled chicken, rice or potatoes, some veggies – or something from Pastosa’s downstairs. I’m trying to eat healthier, though.

At 6:15, the work day resumes. Lots of teaching lessons, and occasionally group classes, since we have more of those in the evenings than in the afternoons.

Lesson time ends at 10pm, but then it’s back to practice time. I do rounds with Val – this means we dance through all of our competitive routines, to music, in order – exactly like a competition.

At 10:30, then it’s time to finally head home. On the drive back, I usually review the day, and plan out the following. I get home at 11 then, and I make something to each while relaxing and unwinding from the day. (This usually means more Netflix – whatever it suggests, and then I sometimes wonder why that was suggested.)

Bedtime is midnight, and then the day starts all over again.