I start my day by waking up to wet kisses from my cute, furry friend. She usually snuggles up right by MY side for a while until I get up.

Once I’m up, I like to hit the ground running by setting my priorities straight and heading downstairs to make a cup of coffee for Colleen and myself – then the day may begin. I’ll iron and shower, and on the way out, I’ll grab food that I cooked myself the night before to have for dinner at the studio.

As we begin our journey to the studio, we make our stop either at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts – but now something wonderful happened: a Wawa just opened a block away from us!  We stop there for our morning coffee, which is not to be confused with our breakfast coffee that we have earlier in the day.

We get back in the car and the journey to Arthur Murray Cranford then continues. That’s when I do most of my thinking, usually nothing in specific. My mind wanders between work related things, to family, to wedding plans, and anything else that comes to mind. On the rare occasion the radio is on, I’ll have a Latin station on and Colleen learns a few words here and there, or we’ll have it on the country station, so we can avoid the annoyance of the same Top 40 songs on constant bothersome repeat.

Finally, we arrive at the studio. We all pretty much have similar routines. Practice, change, think about dinner, plan the day and rest of the week, teach, think about dinner, attend or give meetings, dance sessions, and finally dinner time! As Colleen mentioned in her A Day In The Life post, “During our dinner break, we all sit and chat. We laugh at each other’s dumb jokes and exchange funny YouTube videos that we found over the weekend.” I love this because we really are like a family and we get to connect with one another.

Dinner is then over and we begin the evening with a meeting. This is to go over our students and everyone’s plan for them, so we are all on the same page with every student in the studio. Here at Arthur Murray we are a team of teachers and together we all contribute to your dancing. Lucky you!

The evening is lively, with energy buzzing around the studio, and it’s amazingly contagious!

We finish teaching and drive home, where more thinking occurs. I mentally prepare for the excruciatingly hard work I am about to endure, while Colleen sits back, relaxes, and roams Pinterest…

It’s a dead sprint to the kitchen for me, where I slave over the stove, cooking anything and everything Colleen asks for. Truffle risotto, filet mignon with a Cabernet cremini sauce, foie gras – the list goes on and on, and I get reminded on a daily basis that a meal isn’t complete with a thing called vegetables? Anywho, I also manage to start laundry in the midst of this culinary venture. After dinner is finished, I pack up whatever is left over for dinner the next day, then clean up.

I finally get a chance to relax and watch an episode or two of something on Netflix, followed by some comedy, before I lay my head down.

Then I wake up in a panic and realize the cooking, laundry, and cleaning were all just a horrible, horrible nightmare, and I begin my day all over again.