If you have spent any time around me, you probably know that my life revolves around dance. Before work, during work, on the weekends, in the swimming pool, at airports – it doesn’t matter where. So a typical day in my life is dance. So rather than take you through my typical day, from about 9 in the morning to 10 at night full of dance and some food, I’ve got a day in my vacation *gasp* life for you.

If I don’t have to wake up in the morning, I don’t. Or I do, and I lounge in bed. This is rather rare time for me, so I spend it catching up on news or educational articles I’ve flagged as interesting or snuggling with my cat, Mr. Pinky. He has a penchant for cuddles and is very strict that extra time at home be spent with him.

I’ll rouse myself no later than eleven in the morning (well, that might not be completely true, but I try!) and make breakfast. On a typical morning, I’m up and out of the house without it, just grabbing a protein shake to eat after practice. But as this is atypical, I make breakfast. If I’m up for it, a full spread breakfast, including: cream of wheat, bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls, milk and orange juice. Since I have the time, why limit myself?

I’m not necessarily always a tidy person throughout my busy week, so I make piles of to-do things. Sometimes I clean during the week, but, let’s be honest: WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT? I don’t.

However, I actually like cleaning. My brain doesn’t really turn off, so polishing furniture or scrubbing floorboards allows me to focus my attention to a simple task and work through anything I’ve been thinking. Sometimes it is dance related (I think a lot about our students and how to help them, just ask Chris), but more often it is tangential theories. Here is a picture of what my thoughts look like:


If a coherent thought lasts for too long, I break out into dance matching my music – normally to something on Broadway, or really whatever comes on my iPod. I always end with vacuuming. It is quite satisfying to hear all the crunchy dirt sucked up into oblivion. When everything is neat and tidied away like it would look in Better Homes and Gardens, I turn all the sound devices off and sit. The silence is so nice.

Then I get crafty. I’ve been working on the same needle point for… let’s just say a very long time, so I pull it out and do about an hour of stitching. This normally leads to any other sewing project I’m up to; it may take me months, but I create accurate costume replicas for conventions.

If there is no cleaning, and no crafting, I’ll leave the house, but it has to have a purpose (the grocery store and other errands don’t count). I don’t enjoy frivolous activity.

Around this time, it’s between four and five in the early evening, when we would eat at work, so I get hungry. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t like pots. And since I’ve just cleaned the house, I weigh the option of food carefully against having to wash any dishes again. If I’m feeling inspired, I go for it. If not, Chris and I are both big fans of wonton soup.

I thrive during the night time. I get my first surge of energy at 6 PM, right when we would be starting our evening session of dancing. Sometimes I get project-y, wanting to start something else, or I want to go out and have an adventure.  I often want to go dancing, and Chris just gives me a look.

If we haven’t left by seven or eight, we wind up actually relaxing. I’ll hang out with Mr. Pinky, laptop open, not really using it, with some show on in the background. I’m still multitasking as I chill out, but not actively thinking about it. I also snack heavily as the night goes on; I like Costco chocolate chip cookies or Peter Pan Peanut Butter on cinnamon graham crackers.

Around midnight, I start thinking about sleep. Mr. Pinky will also start letting me know he wants to sleep as well.