The room is dark, sunlight creeps through the windows and leaves trails of light along the floor and walls, the smell of fresh air seeps through the windows towards the bed, and Mr. Pinky head butts me, then cuddles up providing the warmth only a cute little animal can bring.

I am awoken.

Okay that sounds way cooler than it really is. I really just wake up, endure the hustle and bustle of the morning as I collect my clothes, brush my teeth, and head out the door to practice with Kate, cliff bar in hand as I drive us to the studio.

Around 9 in the morning is when this journey begins. Once we’ve made it to the studio around 10 or 10:30 we begin to settle in for the day. We check messages and see what is to be done for that day.

Then practice begins! We go our separate ways for a bit. During this solo time, I focus on my own steps that require attention. I try to establish my own balance and movement so that our partnership can flow together more efficiently.

Once I feel like I’m warmed up, I start dancing with Kate. Sometimes we start dancing side-by-side so that we can make sure our steps are synchronized in a way that makes sense. It helps avoid any “polite discrepancies” a couple might encounter on the dance floor. After much sweating and fixing, practice ends at noon sharp.

I then have an hour to get ready for work at 1. During this hour, I typically clean myself up! I shave, get dressed, fix my hair up because I care too much about it, and I make myself some food! As many know, eating is one of my favorite things to do. Dino nuggets, chicken pot pie, yogurt, peanut butter and jelly are all staples of my life. The owners of my best friend’s deli named me “Chicken Parm” because of how frequently I consumed it. They thought I would turn into one. Anyway, I normally inhale a delicious dish of sustenance which helps power me through the rest of my day.

Work then officially begins at 1. Once it commences, we have a team meeting where we talk about all of our students that are coming in that afternoon to make sure we all know who is headed where. That way, as a team, we can all help our students achieve what they seek to accomplish.

Following that, I start teaching! I’m lucky because anyone who has met me knows that I am a bit of a social butterfly. I have the privilege of teaching wonderful people every day as well as meeting new people all the time! So I spend my time educating and hopefully impacting people’s lives in a positive way. Then I eat dinner and go back to teaching until 10.

Upon ending my work day, I drive home and make more food because as we know, I like food. I whip something together and take a shower.

Now, after a long day, I get to kick back for a bit and play some games with friends or watch Netflix and relax with Kate. Or possibly we watch Critical Role which is a group of voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons. That’s a fantastic show too. Once I’ve had time to adequately wind down, I head off to bed and get a good night’s rest before I begin it all again tomorrow.

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  • Jim says:

    Quite a busy day Chris and we are lucky to have you. You didn’t mention all the nice “vests” that you have to wear…hmmm.