• 04/24/2018
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A Day In The Life: Bailey

Fun fact: I am not a morning person.

Thankfully, Arthur Murray has fairly convenient work times for my consciousness schedule. Less thankfully, I have stupidly thick hair and an aversion to blow drying it. So I have to get up to shower in the mornings, anyway. Boo on that.

It’s a millennial writer’s job to take selfies full of weary malaise.
Showering’s the first order of business, since I have to maximize drying time, and like the excuse to stay fairly motionless in a heated setting while my brain comes online. I change back into my pajamas afterward. The longer I can stay in comfy fleecy pajama pants, the closer I as a person am to self-actualization.

From then up until I figure I should consume something like living beings sometimes do is supposed to be Writing Time. (Depending on whether I was successful in achieving full consciousness, success in this portion of the day varies.) I try to make a big meal late at night or on the weekends to have leftovers to take with me throughout the week, so I rarely cook for lunch. Bagels are a dear friend of mine for this reason.

About noon is when I really get ready for the day. It means getting dressed in actual clothes, putting on makeup, generally ensuring I don’t look like a little gremlin at my very nice and very pretty workplace. I grab purse, keys, phone, dinner, and drink. With one last call to Lulubell (she’s in charge of the apartment when we’re out for the day), I’m on my way to the actual start of the day.

I’m not an instructor, so my day is built differently than my coworkers’. We still have meetings together, but my day isn’t centered on lessons, instead more project-oriented. There are always arts and crafts to do here. Preparing big events like Freestyles is especially full of decorations and projects. So yes, my day really is full of cutting and glittering.

Kate and I handle the social media, too. I usually like to stick my fingers in the website to make sure that things like these blog posts are put up semi-timely and correctly, too. I write the blog posts (usually with input from teachers for the hardcore dance knowledge, and less of my own lengthy but delightful narrative voice). Also, I make sure the Tumblr queue is functioning, and check to see if there’s anything trending on Twitter we can take advantage of.

No, Lulubell doesn’t help with my duties at work. (But I couldn’t resist adding a picture of what I come home to at night.)

My duties include helping schedule students, confirmation calls for the next day’s lessons, and collecting tuition (as I’m sure most of you are aware). Planning lessons and classes fall to the teachers. While I am slowly learning the dance ropes here, no one wants me planning out their dance journey, believe me. I have great logistical skills, and less than great dance skills. It’s best for everyone involved that I fiercely guard the schedule program instead of teach class.

I make sure everyone who attends class is actually recorded. Yes, that means we notice who does and doesn’t sign the book! If you ever see me staring into space across the studio, I’m actually trying to count who’s in class.

After the last lessons end, I take care of nightly chores. This means taking out the trash, mailing letters, and making sure all of the electronics are off. When I get home, Lulubell always greets me at the door. Then, dinner time! My roommate and I pile onto the couch and watch things. It’s usually YouTube videos, or the latest episode of whatever anime or sitcom we’ve been following. I’ll play video games if I have a new one, or if I have a deadline, I’ll dutifully have more Writing Time. But mostly, nights are dedicated to unwinding and returning to a sedentary life of fleecy pajama pants.


  1. It was interesting reading and learning about you Bailey. I know Linda and I haven’t been to a lesson in a long time but tell everyone we said hello.

    1. Hi Eric! Thank you for checking in on our blog, and hello to you and Linda as well. Wish we could dance with you again sometime!

  2. This beautiful young lady is my favorite daughter and I am unbelievably proud of her! I wish I could see her more often!

    1. Thanks mom. You’ll just have to come visit and take some dance lessons!

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