A typical weekday starts the night before with a relaxing shower, after which my hair has the whole night to naturally dry in all its thick, curly glory.

I wake up at 9am and begin my day with some sort of breakfast; eggs and Taylor ham are usually the go-to.

Afterwards I venture back upstairs to begin the ever-wondrous beauty routine. Step 1 includes brushing and blow-drying the mane I call hair. Step 2 entails some sort of hair hot tool. I’ve found that titanium-plated hair straighteners work best on thick or coarse hair.

  • Now, mind you, this entire process is done without a mirror. It helps with the neck pain.

Next I do a final brush out and decide on whatever, if any, hair accessory I’ll be wearing that day.

Once the haircapade is done, I venture over to my closet, where I aimlessly stare at the same selection as the day before.

  • Always take into consideration:
    • Rain
    • Shine
  • Schedule
    • Individual lessons
    • Group classes
    • Practice parties

Once I’ve ran through my day in my head, I pull out 2-3 outfits. All different styles but still trendy and professional.

  • Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

After trying on all outfits, one wins and then I end the quest for the day’s wardrobe.

Once I’ve gotten dressed, I dive into my makeup. A little here, some blush there, and of course mascara to wake up my naturally narrow eyes, and I’m good to go.

The lunch prep now begins. I snuggle with my puppy and I head out the door.

I walk to my car, put on some upbeat jams, hop on the parkway, and begin my travels to 200 South Avenue East.

Park the car, walk inside with a smile on my face, and so the work day begins. I walk to the kitchen to put away my food and make my way to the schedule.

  • Always know the night before, if not the week in advance, so you can tackle anything that may come your way.

After checking out the schedule, I change into my dance shoes, refresh my lipstick, and make my way over for our daily staff meeting. We fill each other in on all going-ons so we can all be ready for what the day might bring.

Depending on the day, I am either in meetings, dance sessions, or teaching during the afternoons. 5:00 hits and that typically means lunch time. Yes, I say lunch! (I have breakfast before I leave and don’t usually eat until this time.)

Lunch is rather relaxing. I enjoy my meal talk with coworkers and sometimes steal away for a quick power nap. But when 5:50 hits it’s back to business. We meet again for an evening meeting and game plan any new findings.

From 6:15 – 10pm it’s usually lessons and a group class here and there. All fun, upbeat, and bustling on the dance floor.

10pm hits, lessons come to an end, and so the wind-down begins. I head to the back, change out of my dance shoes, gather my lunch bag and handbag, and I’m out the door.

I have a rather quiet drive home and am greeted by a fluffy furball of love. I head up to my room, put my bags down, and hop into the shower, where my next day begins all over again!

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  • James Ford says:

    Hi Alexis,

    I wish I had hair…lol.

    You have a busy day it seems but manage it well.

    We miss you too.