It’s a new year, which means a bright new feel to everything. It’s an excellent time to think about what you want in the new future of your life, both short term and long term. Of course, that leads to one of the most popular New Year’s traditions: New Year’s resolutions. There is no wrong time to start with a life change, but sometimes an outside influence is best to spur someone onward, and January especially can feel like a fresh new leaf everyone is eager to turn over.

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford

Learning a new skill for a new year is always an admirable undertaking, especially when you consider what an investment it can be in your health and happiness. Taking a dance studio class—be it for social situations, exercise, an upcoming event, or simply for fun—is an investment for the rest of your life, and beneficial in a lot more ways than you might initially expect.

Dance studio lessons offer great exercise, both for the body and mind. It is easier on the joints than running, and it may not even seem like a workout. But dance can lead to weight loss, increased flexibility and mobility, better posture, better coordination, and better endurance. It is an exercise for the mind, too; dance involves learning different steps and styles, and requires active thinking as you move with a partner.

Dancing has always been a social go-to for people around the world, whether it is for weddings, at clubs, or just for a fun Saturday night out. Dancing has been proven to reduce stress, increase self-confidence, and help people overcome shyness. People feel more at ease in social situations, and the growth in confidence extends outside the dance studio as well! You won’t have to ever say “no” to a dance invitation again.

Dance studio classes are an excellent way to make new friends and have more to do in your free time, and they can be a hobby shared with friends and loved ones. It’s a way to build goals and opportunities to succeed, not to mention the sense of accomplishment when you achieve new skills! It is the stress relief of choice of many people across the globe.

This new year, give the gift of dance! Whether it’s a gift to yourself or someone you know, Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford is a place where you can Walk In, and Dance Out—with a new skill for life!