For Week 2 of our International Spring Festival, Romance is in the air! To celebrate, we interviewed three of our student couples about how dancing has changed their relationships.

How did you meet your significant other? 

Louie & Odette said: “We were classmates in Chemistry 3 class in College; Louie was in Pre-med; Odette was in Pre-nursing.”

Matt & Caitlin said: “Caitlin and I met in our second year of college. We were both pledging a community service fraternity, a process which encouraged us to become, at a minimum, friendly with everyone else joining that semester. I learned that Caitlin lived directly below me in the dorms, and she mentioned that we played our music loudly. Despite the consistent, reverberating bass line through her room, we started to hang out frequently and became fast friends. It was not until a few months later, though, that we started dating.” 

Tom & Abby said: “We met at  New Years Eve party in Hoboken.”

What’s your favorite part of your Arthur Murray date night? 

Louie & Odette said: “We always look forward to that day in the week when we have our private lesson. It gave us that “break” from all the stress from our work because we were doing something we both enjoy. Dancing has always made it feel young at heart. It helped us keep our sanity in this crazy, hectic world.”

Matt & Caitlin said: “Our favorite part of dancing is that we get to spend one-on-one time together, challenging ourselves while having a good time. It is different than most other activities as it requires us to constantly listen to the other person, feel how they are moving, and respond to their actions. Initially, there were times we could argue about who made what mistake, but I am amazed at how we have grown closer and more communicative through the process and we really enjoy the experience.”

Tom & Abby said: “The best part is we get time away from our kids.”

How long have you been dancing? 

Louie & Odette said: “We signed up for dance lessons at Arthur Murray in December of 2001. Nuria has been our instructor since day one.”

Matt & Caitlin said: “We initially joined Arthur Murray, at my parents’ suggestion, to learn how to dance for our wedding. Then after the honeymoon, we enrolled in an actual program. This month is officially one year at the studio.”

Tom & Abby said: “Dancing two years now.”

Share a story about dancing together outside the Arthur Murray studio. 

Louie & Odette said: “We have been requested numerous times through the years to perform in birthday parties/celebrations of our family members and class reunions (both high school and college). We have performed at reunions/events in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and most recently during Louie’s 40th Med class reunion in Manila, Philippines.”

Matt & Caitlin said: “We have not yet danced together, aside from our wedding, outside the studio, but that is going to change this summer. We tend to have a much more active night life in the summer, unlike in the winter when we prefer to be at home under the warm blankets, watching a movie or reading a book.”

Tom & Abby said: “We’ve gone to a wedding for a friend and our cousin where we got to dance!”

In what ways has dancing changed your date night or relationship? 

Louie & Odette said: “We have met life long friends through dancing, sharing happy memories of competitions, Freestyles, and other events. Dancing has made our life more colorful! We cannot imagine our life without it.”

Matt & Caitlin said: “Last year, we went out to a few nightclubs and mostly danced variations of the two-step. This year, we are definitely ready to use some of our new skills. And with two weddings as well, we are excited, for the first time really, to go out and dance.”

Tom & Abby said: “For the first time in our marriage, we actually have date nights! We attended grad and post-grad programs back to back, then wound up with three kids in quick succession. Prior to dancing at Arthur Murray, we hadn’t dated since 2008. Most weeks our lesson is the only time we have together.”