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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t dancing and moving. After countless years of ballet and jazz lessons and amateur performances, transitioning to group fitness instructor for seniors allowed me to help them find their path to fitness through dancing. All that changed when osteoarthritis began its relentless journey. Four surgeries in two years resulted in abandoning my profession of fifteen years teaching exercise to the senior population. Most recently, arthritis made its presence known again causing a ruptured tendon in my left foot and spinal fusion surgery in my low back. Although I continue to try to stay fit, the absence of movement to music is a constant reminder of what arthritis has taken from me.

As an Arthritis Foundation Exercise Trainer, I know what I look for in an instructor. As a person with severe osteoarthritis, I know what I need in an instructor. From the moment Kennedy Barreto took my hand to begin my personal lesson, I knew I would be nurtured and gently encouraged to find the joy of moving again. My time with Kennedy allows the music and movement to feed my soul and release the dormant dancer in me.

From our very first lesson with Kennedy, I knew my husband and I would be in good hands during our couple’s lesson. His easy manner, patience, and sense of humor helped us enjoy the challenges of learning a new skill. We actually feel we can do some of the moves in public now!

The welcoming and friendly spirit that fills your center is definitely a reflection on your skills as owners. Not only do you and your entire staff provide excellent instruction, but you make everyone feel part of the Arthur Murray family.

-Kathy Geller

I came to the Arthur Murray Center in Cranford because their attention to detail and customer service was superior to the eight other centers I called. The entire staff is friendly, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. They make learning to dance fun and easy. Each instructor caters their teaching to enhance your strengths while building up your weaknesses. All this in a fun, relaxed social environment. The other students in the classes are also friendly, not like some places I have been to where the students were standoffish. Everyone gets along in a professional but family-like environment.

-Dr. Jeff Tuzzo

It took my wife a couple of years to convince me to try ballroom dancing. After our introductory lesson I was hooked! The Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford team are the most wonderful you will ever meet. The instructors are extremely talented, caring, and very patient. We all learn differently, and each of them brings their own unique approach to teaching ballroom dancing. The center exposes you to many opportunities to showcase your dances and it is up to you to decide which ones to pursue. It is truly a remarkable experience from the personal lessons, to group lessons, to the showcase demonstrations. Personally, I have achieved goals I once thought were unattainable, and enjoyed the journey. Go AMK!

-Jim Ford

We loved going dancing at AMK!!! It has been a while since we were there, but we will be back, it will be a very hectic summer!! I miss it A LOT!!!!! I wanted to say how wonderful, caring, CUTE, and talented all the folks over at AMK are, and it would be great fun to try it out, WE LOVE IT and the other students are so easy to be around and so patient. So don’t be afraid, I have two left feet and I actually learned a lot and I feel really comfortable on the DANCE FLOOR NOW!!! So many smiles it is a good thing!!!

-Kathi and Clyde Olson

I‘m a novice dancer and I have had lessons at another center. That experience allows me to appreciate just how superior the AMK staff are.

I cannot say enough about how I have been treated by my instructor and the staff. I have been encouraged, but more importantly challenged to improve my dancing and overcome any reluctance to dance in public.

I would not hesitate to recommend AMK to a beginning or advanced dancer.


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