Arthur Murray Dance Center of CranfordTournament of Champions – you may have heard the term in the studio before, or perhaps on another Arthur Murray website. But what exactly is it?

The Tournament of Champions is a six-week competition between Arthur Murray studios all over the world to increase student participation, to enroll new students and guests, and to increase the number of enrolled lessons in our studio. Each studio wants to determine how many active students they have, and the tournament challenges each studio to see who has the most! Your teachers can also compete for specific awards in various categories.

But here at Arthur Murray Dance Center of Cranford, while we want to make this competition exciting for everyone, we only want our students to enroll on lessons and participate in events from which they would benefit. We don’t want numbers for the sake of numbers – we just want a lot of happy, active students in our Arthur Murray family.

This tournament promises to be a highlight of our year, and we can all look forward to six weeks of fun, excitement, and team spirit. We want everyone to get involved in their favorite way! Ask your dance teacher for more information on how to join us.

Here at Arthur Murray Cranford, we have a team of experts that can teach anyone, of any experience level, how to dance any sort of ballroom style. We can help prepare you for any event, including weddings, anniversaries, or even if you’d just like to learn a new skill for those fun nights out! We believe – and can prove – that anyone can Walk In and Dance Out. Get your free lesson today – click here!