This past June, the AMK team moved from Kenilworth to the new Cranford location, and celebrated its Grand Opening on the 24th of September. The mayor of Cranford, Andis Kalnins, came to cut the ribbon and mark the occasion.
Arthur Murray Dance Center of CranfordArthur Murray is a name with a lot of history attached to it. With roots tracing back to 1912, Arthur Murray International has since expanded across the globe with well over two hundred studios open in over twenty countries. The famous motto of Arthur Murray, ‘Walk In & Dance Out’, boasts of our confidence in being able to teach any student any ballroom style they’d like. The tried and true curriculum is exactly why, even today, that the Arthur Murray name is a household one when it comes to dance.

Arthur Murray Cranford also has a team with its own impressive legacy. Danila and Nuria Kartashov, the franchisees of this branch, have both been dancing all their lives. Born in Russia, Danila began dancing at the age of five, and has been dancing ever since. Nuria, originally from Spain and with a background in ballet, met Danila in 1999 and they began their partnership soon after. They have won competitions in several countries, including the Arthur Murray International Latin Championship and Manhattan Dancesport Championship. They’ve been finalists in many more. Danila and Nuria eventually married and joined the Arthur Murray team together in 2001, and became franchisees of the Kenilworth Arthur Murray location in January of 2010.

The rest of our team comes from just as varied backgrounds with equally diverse dance histories behind us, including ballet, modern, jazz, and all styles of ballroom dancing. We’ve created a rich learning environment that’s sure to find something to offer for everyone. The curriculum has any and all ballroom dance styles, allowing plenty of room to explore and experiment while learning anything a student would want; all of Arthur Murray’s lessons are tailored to exactly what a student would want to gain from them.