What is your favorite part of the Arthur Murray day?

“My favorite part of the Arthur Murray day is teaching lessons. I love sharing and teaching about the thing I love so much.”

What do you do for fun when not at Arthur Murray?

“I like to play xbox to distress. I also like to do outdoor things, like dirt biking, hiking, camping, etc.”


How did you start dancing?

“I started dancing in elementary school, after seeing my friend dance. I thought it would be fun, and a good way to meet girls.”


How did you find Arthur Murray?

“Through Lance Gillman.”


What’s your favorite dance?

“My favorite dance is Jive, I love how energetic and athletic the dance is.”


Most memorable dance moment?

“My most memorable dance moment was when the music suddenly stopped playing 1 minute into our 3 minute theater arts routine. (Think lots of lifts and fancy tricks.) I looked over to the music man and he just shook his head telling me it wasn’t coming back on.

At first I felt very embarrassed. I let Laura down from the lift and spun her out to bow. We walked off the floor and were greeted by fellow competitors, judges, coaches, people we knew and many more we didn’t, telling us how great our piece had been, and how sad they were that we weren’t able to finish it. It was amazing to feel the support of so many people that we look up to in a moment we considered to be a low point for us as dancers.”


What’s your dance dream?

“My dance dream is first and foremost to open my own studio, and have my own dance family and home. I would also like to be in the US National Latin final.”


What would you say to someone considering attending their first Dance-o-Rama?

“Be prepared to meet your new family. Fellow students and teachers will always be supportive of you in your personal dance journey. Everyone there has opened their heart and let everyone watch them dance, and they are eager to see and support you in that next amazing step in your dance journey.”