What is your favorite part of the Arthur Murray day? 

“Teaching! Which happens all day so I can’t pinpoint a time. I love the atmosphere when the studio is full of students achieving their dance dreams.”


What do you do for fun when not at Arthur Murray?

“I think I live here. But if I had to say, building legos and puzzles.”


How did you start dancing?

“When I was 14, the first ballroom studio opened in my small hometown. I walked in and never left.”


How did you find Arthur Murray?

“I was nearing the end of my Masters program in Boston when my dance coach at the time asked me why I wasn’t teaching. He said I clearly loved this and should share my passion with others. He put me in touch with the Arthur Murray in Cambridge. I started the next month. It has been the best decision.”


What’s your favorite dance?

“International slow Foxtrot.”


Funniest dance moment?

“During a stage performance, my jumpsuit halter broke and fell off. I snapped my top hat off my head and danced with it covering my chest.”


What’s your dance dream?

“Become an Arthur Murray Champion and a US World finalist.”


What advice would you give to wedding couples?

“This is the best date night you’ll ever have. Wedding planning is stressful. Dancing together lets you relieve any stress you may have, and you start to communicate with your loved one on a whole new level.”

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  • Dana says:

    Kate is 100% on the mark about her advice. My wife and I went to Arthur Murray Cranford in preparation for our big day. We were so busy with planning that we didn’t take time to be with each other. Our time on the dance floor was our hour to stop, connect, and fall in love all over again. Thanks to Kate (and Chris!) we looked like professionals on the dance floor on our big day!!!! Kate has a way about her that makes you think you are just hanging out with a friend and before you know what’s happening you are gliding around the dance floor!!!