What is your favorite part of the Arthur Murray day?

“Of the Arthur Murray day, my favorite part would have to be the end of it – not because it is over, but because I have had the chance, nay, the privilege to interact with and teach so many students from all different walks of life and know that I, as well as our entire studio, has made a positive impact on their day and life.”


What do you do for fun when not at Arthur Murray? 

“I spend what little spare time I have between work and practice either watching shows and movies with Kate or playing games with friends. Growing up I played video games quite competitively so I enjoy relaxing by playing still but I also am a Dungeon Master for my friends and we play Dungeons and Dragons weekly.”


How did you start dancing?

“With my left foot of course! Just kidding. I saw the movie Shall We Dance starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. My sister saw it with me and I thought to myself that the dancing looked fun and classy so I figured it was something I should do. Men should know how to dance! Actually everyone should. It’s fantastic.”


How did you find Arthur Murray?

“Funny story about that. Despite being a computer geek, I did a google search for “ballroom dance lessons near me” and it said the only location for me was in Kenilworth, now Cranford, and that I could try a free lesson there. I had no idea that there were 2 other Arthur Murray Dance Centers way closer to where I lived, but, as destiny would have it, I think I was sent to the right one. I had no idea I’d love it as much as I do!”


What’s your favorite dance?

“My favorite dance would have to be Waltz, because I’m classy like that – or Hustle. Waltz to me is the elegant epitome of ballroom dancing. I feel like a Disney prince when I dance it. On the other hand, everyone knows I love Hustle. When I’m feeling fun and the beat kicks in, you can’t listen to Hustle music and not want to get moving. Whether it’s tapping your foot, bobbing your head, or pretending to do the John Travolta arm point from Saturday Night Fever, I just start going!”


Funniest dance moment?

“That would have to be at a Jack & Jill Salsa event I was thrown into. We all know I have some sexy moves, but when I brought out my “not-really-award-winning-double-gun-hands” I stunned the crowd. For all the right reasons of course. It was a one-time thing, so don’t expect to ever see it.”


What’s your dance dream?

“My dance dream would be to become a Rising Star 9 Dance Champion. Being that proficient in all of my dancing would be a dream come true. Not only being able to demonstrate my ability and knowledge in the smooth dances but the more rhythmical and club styled dances as well would be phenomenal.”


When do you recommend going to your first dance event?

“AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! When I began my journey here, I had only completed two Personal Lessons and one Group Class when I was invited to join Arthur Murray at their Medal Ball. I only knew the Foxtrot basic as well as the Rumba box. I survived. Many ladies’ toes probably did not.

Seeing everyone socialize and have a blast on the dance floor whether you were new or had been dancing for 8 years or more, was wonderful. It was a secret community that I had never even known about. I was welcomed to so swiftly. I’ve never experienced anything like it. So no matter how scary it may seem, go, dive in, and experience it. You won’t want to leave!”