Little ladies often complain about their lack of height—but they never remember the advantages they have. Just think of it—no partner is ever the wrong size… men of all sizes are possible partners.

Even the smallest girl, whose vision is bounded by vest buttons, can be a comfortable, adjustable partner to a six-foot-plus. Here are confidential hints to pint-sizers:

  1. Train yourself to dance on the tips of your toes instead of balancing your weight on the soles of your feet. Practice this, at home and alone, until you can stretch and reach smoothly.
  2. Always imagine that you are trying to touch the ceiling with the top of your head. Stretch high up, from the waist, to gain height.
  3. Here is the most valuable tip of all… LEAD WITH YOUR TOES! You can actually see in your mirror that by reaching back, with your big toe leading, that you have lengthened your step from four to six inches. By doing this, your steps will be as long as those taken by a girl five inches taller than you are! Happy now?
  4. Hold your elbows as high as you can. Practice alone, holding your arms bent in partner position—as high up as possible. Exaggerate… and your muscles will be strengthened and ready for the real thing.
  5. Always hold firmly with your left hand at the back of your partner’s shoulder. No matter how hard you grip—it will be welcome to him. All men find it easier to lead a girl who holds firmly to their right shoulders.
  6. Never take short steps. Practice until you can step forward, backward, and to each side with a long, graceful stride. (Toes leading.)

(Just to cheer you up—many of our famous exhibition dancers aren’t over 5 feet 2.)