The Walking Step

The Walking Step

The Walking step is the easiest of all steps. This is also known as the One Step. The One Step was the first of modern dances to become popular. The One Step came into vogue back in 1912 and still is in use. It has undergone no change in the past years.
Here is what Vernon Castle had to say about it: Bear in mind this one important point- when I say walk that is all it is. Simply walk as softly and as smoothly as possible, taking a step to every count of music. This is the One Step, and that is all there is to it. There are many different figures (after you have mastered it), but they are all in the same strict tempo. It is simply one step-hence its name.
The One Step today remains a simple, brisk walk, taken very much in the same way soldiers march. Regardless of other factors, the whole trick is simply to take one walking step to each count, Just as if you were marching along in a parade.

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